The new release of Document Encryption and SharePoint Encryption improves performance during the encryption of very large files. Large files are fragmented, encrypted and stored in parts on the target system. Thus, the performance is not only significantly improved, but also at the same time security is improved. 

CORISECIO functionalities such as "Secure full text search" in the encrypted file remains unchanged even in the fragmented files. Even files in the gigabyte range, such as Reports can now be highly performant encrypted and indexed simultaneously for secure full text search.

The new version of SharePoint encryption contains improvements for secure collaboration in SharePoint installations.

The Business App "Secure Search" provides an secure full text search not only in SharePoint, but in all storage systems (OneDrive, DropBox, etc.).

The SharePoint App is extended to support SharePoint Online and Office 365. 

For use in high security environments, the gateway has been integrated into a hardened server with our partner QGroup. This solution is now also suitable for use in a public cloud.

With our partner CenterTools an end-to-end security solution has been developed that allows end-to-end  encryption from SharePoint to the desktop PC.
Fair News

CORISECIO will be presenting our products on Europe’s biggest security exhibition 
it-sa 2015 from 06. to 08. Oktober 2015 
Booth: 12.0-739 

The German TV station BR sent a broadcast about CORISECIO on 1st of July 2015. Topic was a report about data theft in companies and the CORISECIO security solution Document Encryption.

You can see the show on this link  

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